donderdag 21 april 2011

iPod issues

Hello people!

Today I got some serious iPod problems! The stupid thing didn't work!!!!! But it's solved...
Anyway, the song of this week: Riverside from Agnes Obel, check it out on youtube:
Today i would looove your opinion about the new trend: long skirts, do you think it's hot or not?

See ya!

vrijdag 8 april 2011

Sun, here we come!

aren't you all happy that the weather is getting better? Of course!
Well... time for some sunglasses, don't you think?
My personal favorite is still the classic Ray Ban model.
Ray-Ban 'Classic Wayfarer' Sunglasses
But the new trend:
What are your favorite sunglasses? Post a picture of it in a comment!

Song of the week: Ours from The Bravery

See ya!

woensdag 6 april 2011

Just blogging for fun...

Hi there!
I'm back, i've been a little busy lately...
Anyway, I'm a big fan of Pretty Little Liars, since two days. It's awesome!
You can check out the episodes online:
I've had a great time this week! I went to the theatre and I went shopping, but I'm kinda out of money for a while, so I didn't buy anything... But hey: shopping is always fun, this time it was just for inspiration!
So I've read that the shorts are totally in this summer, so dump those jeansskirts and wear a pair of shorts!
I recommend jeans, because it matches almost everything!
Some of my favorites:
Nollie Veronica Keyhole TankHi Waist Floral Short - Shorts - Womens - Glue Store speak no Americano but if I did they'd be called jeanshortsLook: BIAK - DESAFIO DAS MENINAS CAPTURADORAS DO BYMK

see you guys!

donderdag 31 maart 2011

A new day!

Hello people!
Or at least one person! thanx for supporting me btw!
I just finished my exams today! i'm soooo happy and relaxed!
Tonight I have a concert at my music school, i'm kinda nervous...
Anyway, i'm trying to look a little normal because the rain messed up my hair today, it just explodes when set foot outside when it's raining.
I've decided to recommend a song every week, so for this week: Vampire Weekend with A-Punk, you should check out the clip on youtube!

See you guys (person) tomorrow! (Or another day, but probably tomorrow)

woensdag 30 maart 2011

Shoes matter!

People of earth,
I realised something today: shoes seriously matter!
I saw this girl at music class today and she wore a crazy fashionable outfit, but her shoes really looked like she went mountainiring (that's climbing on a mountain, right?)! Her outfit was totally ruined!
So people, the lesson of today: wear awesome shoes with an awesome outfit, not some hideous wrecks!
Some hints for this spring: details cinderella (Shoes)

xoxo Crazy fashionlover

dinsdag 29 maart 2011

First message...

Hi everyone!
I'm kinda new at this whole blog-thing, so...
Anyway, my blogs will be about my life, fashion and things I like!
I hope you guys will like it...
btw: Any feedback on the background of my blog? I really like it, so i'd like to have your opinion!

You know you love me (no, i'm kiddin'!) xoxo CrazyFashionblogger